Case Overview


In this section, you will learn how to view the basic information about the case such as the case number, plaintiff/defendants name, case type, etc.

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The case overview will show you basic information about the case. For example, you would be able to view the number, plaintiff/defendants name, case type, status, judge, courtroom, amount owed, participant type, ticket number, and last/next court date.


From here you can choose to see:

Docket Sheet: Will show you all of the entries that have been made on the case.

Additional Info: Will take you to the charge and count inquiry screen. This will provide additional information about the case such as the charge, charge number, charge count, description of the charge, date and plea entered.

Judgment: This screen will only appear if you have searched a Small Claims case. This will show the date and description of the judgement.


Fines/Fees: The fees and fines screen will show the amount owed, amount paid, and also the breakdown.

Receipts: Provides the receipt information for any payment made on the case.


View Court Schedule: This will take you to the court schedule inquiry where you can look up the court schedule for specific dates, cases, and court personnel.


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