eMAGNUS MultiCourt

eMagnus MultiCourt allows subscribers to view court schedules and case information over the internet.  This process works for one county or all counties on the Clericus Magnus network, which consists of Champaign, DeKalb, Kendall, LaSalle, Madison, and Sangamon counties in Illinois.

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What is MultiCourt?
eMAGNUS MultiCourt currently spans 6 counties. We provide Traffic and DUI case filings and dispositions, Criminal Felony and Misdemeanor case filings and dispositions, all Civil case filings and Judgements. For all these cases, we provide case participant information and associated attorney’s information, complete court event docket history, payments and resulting balance for court-ordered fines, fees, and restitution. We also provide criminal backgrounds and history. The actual pleadings, filings, etc. are not yet available for viewing and printing and when  available can only be viewed/downloaded by the plaintiffs’ and defendants’ attorney per the Illinois Supreme Court Rules on “Electronic Access.”

MultiCourt 2.0
As you may know, eMAGNUS MultiCourt is our innovative method to view public court information from multiple jurisdictions in one place.  This product has been successful for nearly 15 years servicing both the needs of the court, its partner agencies, and also its constituents via a subscription based program accessed from the web.

When you access the new MultiCourt 2.0 you will find several improvements:

  • Continued access to court information in all JANO counties
  • A modern interface that is more user friendly
  • Support across multiple web browsers and no longer a requirement to use JAVA
  • New Feature: select and view “favorite” cases when you log in
  • Upgraded searching of the court schedule
  • Embedded “help” function (just click the question mark for assistance!)
  • Upgraded account maintenance and user management
  • Ability to view/print docket sheet easily
  • Upgraded management for eDocs (electronic document access) for those customers that have been given that privilege (available on a pilot basis only!)

How much does it cost?
Please contact the help desk here or contact us directly at 1-866-511-2892.